We'll make a good team!

We have built valued relationships with diverse clients, ranging from schools and colleges to government bodies, companies and private adult groups. We hope we can include you amongst them.

Why team up with us?

Safety is paramount within all our courses and expeditions. We are proud of our record and the safety culture within the Company. The core elements of our safety policy are as follows:

  • Regular risk assessments of all adventures and activities
  • Appropriate risk management systems
  • Team training and preparation (well before departure on overseas adventures)
  • Comprehensive insurance policies
  • 24-hour UK support

We share a passion for personal development and through experiences in travel, adventure, environment and community. These are core qualities of all our courses and expeditions. Our goal is to give you opportunities to enrich your life as a member of one of our teams.

Every one of our team members will find their own way of rising to the challenges and exploring the opportunities presented to them along the way for personal development. All will enhance their own strengths and skills hopefully for life.

​Find Out Where We Go!