Your School

Taking your students away can be a lot of hassle... 

so why don’t we bring the adventure to you?

Don’t worry, we won’t be crawling through your music department, running through your science corridor or interrupting your staff meetings.

As long as we have the space, then we’re ready to rock!

Our team of instructors will come to your school, and we’ll set up our teepees so the pupils can camp out on your school grounds. 

We’ll work with your students to develop their teamwork and communication skills through a series of games and challenges.

And how could we camp on your school fields without teaching them some bushcraft skills, like starting a fire with two pencils (I’m kidding!).

Your students will have the fun and bonding of an adventure, and they might even forget they’re still at school!

Interested in organising a residential to

North Devon?

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