Kayaking, Canoeing and SUP

All of our Kayaking/Canoeing takes place at Wimbleball Lake on Exmoor. Apart from anything else, the scenery is breathtaking and is worth a visit for just that alone! It is set in such a beautiful environment to escape for the day and refresh in the countryside. Our instructors are highly experienced and will bring the best out of everyone in the team.

The group will learn how to Kayak or Canoe, gaining all the basic skills and knowledge as well as trying out a reliavely new experience of Stand Up Paddleboarding. Some people have never even heard of SUP-ing, it has evolved from surfing, and uses a similar style board combined with a paddle to move through the water. This means no more lying down on the board and using your arms. You guessed it – you stand up!

A lot of the challenges people will face are balance, co-ordinaiton more than likely patience! But once you have got the hang of it, you can glide across Wimbleball Lake taking in the new experience and the views!

All sessions are designed to be fun and maximise the enjoyment on the water, with safety always being paramount, we can assure there will plenty of laughter! There will be many games and challenges and it can get quite compeititve!

group on mega sup