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Youth Clubs At Rock And Rapid

Here at Rock and Rapid we offer Youth Clubs on a Saturday and Sunday for total beginners to advanced climbers!

Since starting our new 6-week courses for NICAS Level 1, we have introduced over 50 Young Climbers to the sport, most of whom have carried on to complete further levels. The sessions run once a week for 6 consecutive weeks, and once through these 6 weeks, your child can then move into our weekend sessions to continue through their levels 2 to 5. The cost of the 6-week block is £60 - just £10 a session!

We run our weekend sessions:


10 – 11.30am for levels 2 and 3

11.30 – 13.00pm for levels 4 and 5


10-11.30am for levels 2 and 3

11.30 – 13.00am for levels 4 and 5

Each of our sessions cost £12.50 if you ‘pay as you go’. For 5 weeks this would cost you £62.50. However, if you pay for a 5-week block, it’s £40. This works out at £8 a session, saving you £4.50 a week, a total saving of £22.50 for the 5 weeks.

What Level is your child?

Youth Clubs

Our Youth Clubs follow a national scheme known as NICAS (National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme). This is a UK wide scheme designed to promote climbing development and recognize individual achievement.

What will your Children get up to?

There are 5 levels of awards that are worked for throughout the scheme, split into 2 parts:

Part 1 contains Levels 1-2
Part 2 contains Levels 3-5

The 5 levels are:

Foundation Climber: Entry level, aimed at novices. Recognises their ability to climb safely under supervision.
Top Rope Climber: Promotes good practice in climbing and bouldering unsupervised on an artificial wall.
Technical Climber: A more advanced top roping and bouldering level, focusing on developing technique and movement skills.
Lead Climber: Concentrates on the skills required to both lead climb and belay a lead climber.
Advanced Climber: The top level that focuses on improving performance, a deeper understanding of climbing systems and the wider world of climbing.

After achieving each level they are awarded a certificate on behalf of the ABCTT, and once through Level 5 this counts towards a GCSE!

Din's role in the climbing centre focuses on making sure the Youth Clubs are the best they can be. He is the best person to talk to if you have any questions regarding Youth Club or if you want your child to join. You can contact Din via his email din@rockandrapidadventures.co.uk or call 01769 573380

What have some of the Kids been up to after joining our Youth Club?

On Saturday 19th March one of our very own Young Climbers, Ruby, took part in Round 3 of the BMC Youth Climbing Series. Ruby won Round 3 and also bagged third in the Regional Championships, meaning she’s off to Edinburgh in April for the Finals!

We also had 3 Young Climbers take part in the Interschools Competition at The Quay Climbing Centre on Sunday 20th March, 2 of whom were there representing their schools individually.

Our Young Climbers have so much talent and we’d love to have more joining in on all the fun!

This weekend, on Saturday 21st January 2017 we have nearly 20 of our Youth Club members going down to Exeter to take part in the first phase of The British Mountaineering Council Youth Climbing Series (BMC YCS) and we can't wait to see how they all do! 

What do people think of our Youth Clubs?

Some lovely parents of children that attend our Youth Clubs left us some very positive feedback. Here are just a few of the comments made:

“Dominic has enjoyed his Kids Club sessions here for many years”

“Great staff, great social experience”

“Opportunities to improve skills and improve confidence”

“Fun way to keep the kids fit”

“Since Ashton started he has built his confidence and his ability to trust others, and has made more friends here too”

“All the instructors are good at engaging the kids”              

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