So what is this Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) everyone is talking about?

SUP’ing is nothing new, Africans have historically stood up within their canoes/rafts and paddled them with a long paddle for transport and trade since before we were alive! However, the style we know today never properly took off until 2005.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding, SUP or Hoe he’e nalu (Hawaiian) enables surfers to paddle further into the ocean; also allowing the surfer to create more speed to catch the less powerful waves.

2013 saw Stand Up Paddle Boarding listed as the most popular outdoor activity among first time participants, demonstrating its massive growth & popularity.

The boards themselves vary from 8ft to over 12ft for a cruiser board. Although a French company has just the designed the Mega Board, measuring a whopping 5 metres x 2 metres! This would be a great deal of fun for groups and we are thinking about getting a couple ourselves! 

Paddle Boarding is also being used as a fitness activity, with groups meeting for flat water paddles & journeys. It is great for core fitness and you are certainly able to feel the affects afterwards! There is now such thing as SUP Yoga! I struggle to stand on one leg on dry land, never mind on a SUP!

Even though they are larger than their surfboard parents, people still want to travel with them. This has led the way for new technology and the invention of the inflatable board. These new boards can be inflated to 30Psi and deflated then rolled back up into a rucksack.

The price of a board can be anything between £300 and £1500, but once you have your board & paddle you are ready to hit the sea, river or the lake anywhere! 

At Rock and Rapid Adventures, we have been Stand Up Paddle Boarding for the past 4 years with our groups. We have recently purchased some new inflatable boards for this season and are really looking forward to getting out and using them.

We are going to be running some introductory sessions this summer, so watch this space! You can check our Facebook page to find out when they are and if you’re up for trying something new and exciting then get yourself booked on one!

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After working for 15 years in the outdoor industry freelancing for different expedition and outdoor companies, Keith set up Rock and Rapid Adventures to provide the high level of customer service that he felt was missing from a large number of outdoor providers. Every element of the company reflects his passion for the outdoors and his desire to provide the highest possible level of customer service.

Whenever possible Keith is out in Spain on the climbing crags of the Costa Blanca. Keith is a qualified Climbing and Kayaking Instructor and hopefully soon to be a diving instructor.

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