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What would the BEST Teacher in the World do?

Think back to when you were at school, everyone always had that one favourite teacher, the one that went out of their way for their students and who was interesting, fun and adventurous!

My favourite was called Mr.Steward and he is still there now - he was bonkers!!

Wouldn't it be amazing to be that teacher that your students will speak about in 10, 20 or even 30 years time?!

What if you could provide your students with a 'once in a lifetime' expedition to somewhere they would have only dreamt have going before? Even better, what if you could join them on the expedition?

We have an easy ticket for you to be everyone's favourite as we'll need an A-star teacher to accept the role as the 'link teacher'. Could this be you?

As the name suggests, you'll be the point-of-call between us and your school and we need at least one 'link teacher' for each expedition team, with a maximum group of 16 students.

You will get behind the students to support them with their fundraising and the build-up to the expedition and assist the leader on the expedition with decisions and pastoral issues.


Support we give:

  • You'd get your own dedicated expedition manager, who you can contact at anytime with questions or for support
  • Your own dossier - this will tell you everything you need to know ahead of the expedition, answer all your questions and give you the steps to take in every part of your adventure - this has been described as 'bloody priceless' and we agree!
  • You'd get your own teacher training - don't worry this isn't your usual boring chalk-board stuff, we'll make sure that you're fully prepared for your expedition on our 3-day training course.
  • Your first aid certificate - you will gain this within the training - so you really will be ready for anything!


Testimonials from Other Link Teachers

"I would certainly recommend Rock and Rapid to any group wishing to take part in a long-haul expedition and I sincerely hope that the school will have many opportunities to work with Keith and his team in the future” Melinda Kennedy, Teacher, Powys

“The college is just about to send a second group of students to Africa with Rock and Rapid Adventures. The first group who visited Kenya found it a life changing experience” Steve Williams, Teacher, Worthing


The Best Bits about being the Link Teacher

The real beauty of being the link teacher is that you'll get to visit an amazing part of the world, watch as your students blossom, change their perspectives and experience new incredible cultures!

Oh and did I mentioned you'll get your place for free?

We're not saying that your job will be easy, but it will be rewarding and I'm sure the free ticket to travel the world must make things less difficult!

If you're interested in taking on an expedition or finding out destinations around the world where you and your students could go to then we'd love to hear from you! 01769 573380

We've written a book about the 7 Steps to the Adventure of Your (and your Students') Life - to download it and get some insirpation just click Click Here


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About The Author

Rachel has been with Rock and Rapid for over a year now. She was originally on reception but is now in the office doing all of the marketing and admin.

Rachel is in charge of making sure your First Impression of Rock and Rapid Adventures is the best it could possibly be.  After finishing her A-Levels last year she is excited to start her career here at Rock and Rapid Adventures. 

Rachel loves travelling around, seeing different places and having new experiences. She is an active person and doesn't like doing nothing! 

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About The Author

Ollie started working with Rock and Rapid in 2009, and after a short break from the Industry for a few years, we're extremely happy to say he's back!

Ollie is primarily our Centre Manager so deals with the day to day running of the Centre and all that goes on around here. He also runs Climbing sessions, Kids Club, Coasteering and works on the residentials.

In his spare time, Ollie enjoys being outside as much as possible and being down at the beach.

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About The Author

Josh started off at Rock and Rapid as a Work Experience student whilst he was studying Outdoor Education Level 3 BTEC at college, and as he got on so well he was then offered more of a permanent role. You will find Josh running climbing and coasteering sessions and residentials, always with a smile on his face!

When he's not working, Josh will always be outdoors, either on a Climbing trip or Mountain Biking! Some of Josh's favourite places to Climb in Devon are Dewerstone or Hound Tor on Dartmoor.

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