Bear Grylls on the River

Children's Manifesto

People have varied opinions of Bear Grylls, especially in the outdoor world!

Did he sleep in the bush or did he retire to the 5* hotel once the cameras were turned off?

Bear has recently released his Manifesto for Children - I do have to say though I actually agree with him on most of his points.

He says young people should be encouraged to take risks, "empowering" them to make their own judgements about safey , and be required to take "outdoor classes for all".

Bear has laid out six points in his manifesto for children and these include.

1) Get fit
2) Outdoor classes for all
3) Ban computer games
4) Climb mountains
5) Take risks
6) Community service

I agree with nearly all of these points and from my prospective the Outdoor Classes for all and Climbing Mountains are high on my agenda.

Schools should be using the outdoors more to educate their students. Some students who struggle to learn in the class room enviroment would benefit massively from using the outdoors to educate them. Many young people now dont get out in the 'Big Outdoors' enough. Having personally delivered 100's of activity days, residential experiences and overseas expeditions I see the benefit climbing a mountain, paddling a river or completing a 180ft abseil has on young people.

What are your thoughts?

You can read the report on this from 'The Telegraph' Newspaper.

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