Bucket List Vision Board

What Is On Your Adventure Bucket List

Do you have a Bucket List?

Do you actually have a Bucket List? Or do you just have ideas in your head?

Have you written your ideas on paper? Have you created a Bucket List Vision Board?

Your Bucket List Vision Board is what you need to create today – this will make your List a reality.

Think about

  1. Where You Want To Go?
  2. What You Want to See?
  3. What Mountains Would You Like To Climb?
  4. Who you want to Travel with?
  5. Which Trip are you going to book first!

We all need goals, but those goals that stay in your head are rarely achieved. Why? Because we have so many things in our heads on a daily basis

“I want to Climb Kilimanjaro” gets replaced with "What am I having for tea?”

I want to Learn to Scuba Dive” gets morphed into “What tasks do I need to complete first?”

How do we stop this? We create our Bucket List Vision Board. Quite simply we find pictures of all the answers to the questions above and make a montage. This vision on paper then gets printed as big as you can and stuck somewhere prominent, somewhere you will see it everyday.

Stick it to the fridge, place it above your desk in your office or leave it on the back of a door you have to open everyday.

Make it your screensaver on every device you have to remind you of your Bucket list.

By bringing your list into the front of your mind and making it public you are more likely to get it done and achieve. This will not only work with your adventure list, this will also work with your goals for 2016 as well.

Which Trip, Experience or Activity are you going to book first?

What are you waiting for? Get it booked! There is always an excuse; you will always find an excuse.

Get that deposit paid!

Once you have paid that deposit you are committed! Many companies like ours let you pay monthly for your trips – you just need to take that first step and commit.

You will be surprised what you can afford – lots of people buy a Starbucks or Costa everyday. That’s £4 a day, £28 a week, £117.60 a month and even £1456 a year. You are now ¾ of the way up Kilimanjaro, or learnt to Scuba Dive in warm waters and climbed the highest mountain in North Africa, Mt Toubkal!

So what are you going to do today?

  • Ask yourself the questions above
  • Then, Create your Bucketlist Vision Board

Your vision board/list doesn’t have to be a ‘Bucketlist’ in the sense of everything you want to do before you die. It could be your adventure/travel aims for this year. The important thing is you make something into reality and action it!

P.S Don’t forget to make that commitment  - make it your New Years Resolution to book something! Book your next trip today!

P.P.S If you don’t have the images for Vision Board email us and we will create your visions board for you and send it out to you!



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About The Author

After working for 15 years in the outdoor industry freelancing for different expedition and outdoor companies, Keith set up Rock and Rapid Adventures to provide the high level of customer service that he felt was missing from a large number of outdoor providers. Every element of the company reflects his passion for the outdoors and his desire to provide the highest possible level of customer service.

Whenever possible Keith is out in Spain on the climbing crags of the Costa Blanca. Keith is a qualified Climbing and Kayaking Instructor and hopefully soon to be a diving instructor.

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