How to Save Money for your School Expedition This Christmas


Christmas is an expensive time for everyone; in fact I am convinced it gets more and more expensive every year! It can be really hard to budget for all the Christmas presents you need to buy and still have some pocket money left for everything else you need to pay for – like your school expedition!


We have come up with some tips on how to save money for your trip, especially around Christmas time! Being able to save money will give you motivation and help you see how close you are to your target of going away on your expedition of a lifetime!



1) Set yourself a goal – This is useful for both fundraising and personal savings. Once you have a goal, it will be really easy to measure your progress and see how close you are to having the total amount that you want! Making the goal the total amount of the expedition is a good idea.


2) Find somewhere safe to save your money – This is the best way to stop you spending the money you are meant to be saving!! Leaving money in your purse/wallet is the classic mistake that everyone makes and you will end up spending it without even realising! Before you know it that £10 note you were meant to save has been broken into and the change has miraculously disappeared! There is a lot of be said about a piggy bank, they are really effective for saving money and they stop you taking out the money you have put it! I recommend putting this on your Christmas list if you don’t already have one!


3) Make a note of how much you’re saving – This may seem obvious, but if you’re putting money into a piggy bank, you may lose track of how much you’re saving and then won’t realise how well you’re doing! Keep a chart or excel document on your progress, it will also keep you motivated!


4) Decide what you want to spend your money on – Although there is the main goal of the paying off your expedition, it is a nice idea to set smaller goals such as equipment, visas and vaccinations. This way you are able to afford what you need for the trip, it will give you motivation by already having purchased items in preparation and you will feel like you are progressing and achieving goals.


5) Spend your money sensibly – Obviously you need to have a life between now and when you actually go on your expedition. It is not expected that you save every single penny that you have and treat yourself between now and then. However, it is all about budgeting and making sure the things that you are spending your money on are what you actually need and don’t already have. We can’t have it all! (Unfortunately!)


6) STOP SNACKING – Do I sound like an annoying parent? This is the hardest tip for me to share with you all, mainly because I find it so hard myself! Every chocolate that you buy, although it may only be 60p, will all add up! Chocolate (and other snacks) only provides instant gratification, it is gone within seconds! Therefore, it is a waste of your money and without stating the obvious; they aren’t good for you either! Resist the temptations, save money and be healthy, it is a win win situation!


7) Try and maintain the amount you are saving  – It will really help you if you can see a constant amount of money going into your savings every week, if possible. It can be demotivating if there is no money going in for ages and then it sporadically appears every now and then! You will feel like you’re making progress if you try and maintain the money you’re saving, as there is a continuous improvement. Remember, no amount is too small to go into your savings, it will all add up and contribute to the end goal!


8) Don’t lose sight of the end goal – Sometimes it may be hard to put all of your money you are earning through either fundraising or working away, to what feels like you’ll never be seeing it again. But don’t lose sight of the end goal! It will all be 100% worth it when you’re having the time of your life on your expedition but that you have paid for entirely yourself! Trust me, there is no better feeling! It can help to print photos out of where you are going and put them around your room, this will remind you of why you are going to the effort of saving all the money! I guarantee, you will look back in 20 years and remember every aspect of your expedition and look back on it with fond memories. You won’t remember if you spent your money on a pair of shoes that will be out of fashion a couple of years later!



Remember  - Don’t give up and remember how far you have come – As the infamous Tesco saying goes ‘Every little helps!!’


We are here to help with any issues involving fundraising and being able to afford your school expedition. Read our blog on fundraising here and if you want to receive a copy of our fundraising guide, then just let us know and we will send one out to you!


Christmas is the perfect time to ask for presents of what you need for your expeditions and save a little extra money! Make the most of the festive season by forward planning what you will need on your school expedition!


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