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How could travel abroad help influence your child’s pathway to adulthood?

Travel gives our children the chance to decide what kind of adult they want to grow into. It allows you to join together all the dots of your child’s experiences and map the journey of who they become. If the vision is to mould the adults of the future, then shouldn’t we allow them the experience to understand the world around us, and what it could offer?

An eighteen-year-old man, now independently volunteering on the beaches of Greece helping out with the refugee crisis, began his travelling experience at sixteen. He walked 800km across Spain surviving on only what he could carry, of which gives him the perspective when he meets refugees who have walked across countless continents with next to nothing. 

That young boy never lost out on education, instead his world was broadened from the black and white to a technicolour of experience and empathy, and that understanding is what fuels his compassion for people around the world today.  To read more about this story, click this link 

Parents, Karen and Shaun Edwards, spent their maternity leave travelling with 10-week old Esmé for 10 months. Karen said, “we have no regrets, she got to experience new sights, scenes and smells as she grew and that is incredible.” For more on this story and to read Karen’s blog ‘Travel Mad Mum’ follow this link 

Why else should you travel with your children?

  • Quality time – Amongst all the schoolwork, full-time parents and hobbies, not many families have much time together, so why not make some in fabulous surroundings.
  • Memories that last forever – As Avicii says, “As my father said, one day you’ll leave this life behind, so live a life that you’ll remember”.
  • Amazing bonding experiences – One of the greatest gifts a family can have is becoming good friends.
  • Easy way to make new friends – Children learn quickly what matters the most. Connecting through a smile to break down barriers, a few stories to share, great games to play and a laugh to throw in. Traditions and beliefs become something to explore and celebrate, not judge. 
  • Incredible learning experiences – Travel offers an enriching and valuable learning experience, expanding their horizons, learning life skills and so much about the history and culture of the country.
  • Kids help you look at things with much more enthusiasm – They force you to see things through new eyes, climbing over boulders, following new tracks and seeing what lies beyond…

Opportunities are opened up and rich seams of insight into the culture and beauty of our world are exposed, that may otherwise go unnoticed. If you want to expand your knowledge and experience the world around us, why not visit our website and learn about where you could find your family next…

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