Coasteering North Devon

Coasteering North Devon

What is Coasteering?

Often been described as:

"The Most Fun you can have in Neoprene"

"The Most Fun you can have with your clothes on" 

"Everything your Mum told you not to do at the Beach!"


Rock and Rapid Adventures have been Coasteering in North Devon for the last 8 years - but what is Coasteering? 

By Internet definition "Coasteering is a physical activity that encompasses movement along the intertidal zone of a rocky coastline on foot or by swimming, without the aid of boats, surf boards or other craft. It is difficult to define the precise boundaries between, for example, rockpooling and ocean swimming."

However, our explanation is making your way from one point on the coastline to another by either scrambling, swimming or jumping.

Coasteering is becoming the most popular activity to take part in at the beach. It is popular with Hen & Stag Groups, Families, Groups of Friends and Corporate clients as a team building activity.


But is it safe?

We are constantly reading in the newspapers about Tombstoning and Cliff Jumping, so what is the difference?

Coasteering takes place with qualified instructors, who know the area like the back of their hands. They know the tides, the know the topography of the rocks and the sea bed. They know where is safe to jump and carry safety equipment in the event of an emergency. If you go Coasteering with a reptuable company, you will be provided with a Wetsuit, Buoyancy Aid (PFD) and a Helmet. These items will keep you warm and safe when on your experience.

If you are looking to Coasteer with children under the age of 18, then check your provider carries an AALS (Adventure Activities Licensing Authority) license. You can check this by clicking this Link, and searching for your chosen provider. Every provider in the UK, operating with under 18's is required to have a license for many adventurous activities. Each provider is insepcted and qualifications, equipment, processes and procedures and risk assesments are reviewed.

Coasteering with a reputable company is a safe, enjoyable and fun activity. Coasteering can be made more challenging and is often used as a great team building activity.

Please check out our video of a recent coasteering trip with Rock and Rapid Adventures. 



If you would like to enquire about coasteering why not give us a call on 01769 573380, or check out our Coasteering page on this site.

Hope to See you at the Beach Soon!


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About The Author

After working for 15 years in the outdoor industry freelancing for different expedition and outdoor companies, Keith set up Rock and Rapid Adventures to provide the high level of customer service that he felt was missing from a large number of outdoor providers. Every element of the company reflects his passion for the outdoors and his desire to provide the highest possible level of customer service.

Whenever possible Keith is out in Spain on the climbing crags of the Costa Blanca. Keith is a qualified Climbing and Kayaking Instructor and hopefully soon to be a diving instructor.

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