The 7 Emotional Stages Of Coasteering

Coasteering is often described as ‘all the things your mum always told you NOT to do at the beach’ and this is one of the reasons we love it so much! It is exhilarating, thrilling, challenging, exciting and pushes you out of your comfort zone every time! It is brilliant and we would feel privileged to have the opportunity to take you out and let you experience it with us!

Before you commit, we thought we would give you a heads-up of the 7 emotional stages you will go through on your first session…

Excitement –

You know that feeling, when you were a child and waking up on Christmas morning? Or that feeling you get now at 5pm on a Friday? It’s EVEN BETTER than that and is certainly one of the main reasons why people come back for more!

Fear – 

The height of the jumps, swimming in open water, the small spaces, the unknown of the big blue – we get it, it’s a pretty scary environment to be in.  But we take pride in the fact that our Coasteering sessions are run by qualified instructors, who are passionate about what they do and have been doing it for years. That takes us on to the next stage….

Trust –

We’ve got that covered! Our instructors know the area like the back of their hands. They know the tides; they know the topography of the rocks and the seabed. They know where is safe to jump and they always carry safety equipment in the unlikely event of an emergency. Make sure you always go Coasteering with a reputable company (such as ourselves!) where you will be provided with a Wetsuit, Buoyancy Aid (PFD) and a helmet; these items will keep you warm and safe when on your experience.

And with Trust, comes Confidence –

Coasteering has got to be one of the best confidence-building activities around. Once you’ve realised that you are in safe hands, you will start to become more confident with it all, and as a result you will start to take on higher jumps, and maybe throw in a few flips and somersaults – there will be no stopping you! This is a real adrenaline activity and will definitely give you a sense of achievement and make your heart beat faster!

Surprise –

There are a few reasons why Coasteering will surprise you. To begin with, you’ll probably be surprised at how easy it is to have a go. Then you will be surprised at the places you are being taken and what you’re being asked to do. Then you’ll start to surprise yourself with how much you really are capable of doing outside of your comfort zone. Then you will start to surprise everyone else who thought you might be a bit scared. It’s full of surprises, and is another reason we love it so much.

Happiness –

Once your confidence has grown, you will really start to enjoy yourself. At this point you will start to release your inner adventurer; splashing around in the water, having a go at belly flops and bombs, and generally just acting like a child! Don’t be shy; we’ve seen it all, and more before…. we love to have a laugh and a great time!

Pride –

This is probably the best feeling you will get from trying out an extreme sport like Coasteering. Once you’ve accomplished it, and you did so whilst having fun and laughing constantly, the sense of pride and achievement for challenging yourself and over-coming any fears you may have had will be second to none. The only thing to do now is go and grab a pint (or a coke for under 18’s!!), and discuss when you’ll be coming back to do it all again!

Check out a couple of reviews from some of our VERY happy customers!

“Having never been Coasteering before I was unsure of what to expect but the team at Rock and Rapid exceeded my expectations and then some!! It wasn't just the activities that were absolutely brilliant but the hospitality by Keith and his team was second to none and I'd recommend it to absolutely anybody. No matter what your fitness level, you were supported by the expert Rock and Rapid team so literally everyone gets involved! It was an awesome weekend that will take some beating!! THANK YOU.” – Gemma H

“We used Rock and Rapid Adventures to organise a college trip after being recommended by various colleagues. I was impressed straight away by the efficiency of the contact and communication demonstrated by the centre and assisted by Ollie Hockin. We decided as a group to participate in Coasteering as it was an activity that not only provided a physical and mental challenge but also huge amounts of fun. The chosen venue was Croyde, this stunning part of the North Devon coastline provided a mixture of jagged rocks to scramble, climb up and traverse across, precarious ledges of varying height to jump and 'bomb' off, crystal clear lagoons (beautifully sunny day) and chutes to swim through and even a smugglers cave to exploor! The instructors for the day, including Ollie, made sure that we experienced the right balance of adventure and safety, all facilitated with a laid back authority, fun and a great sense of humour. All of the students thoroughly enjoyed the experience provided by Rock and Rapid Adventures and were left with a feeling of achievement and accomplishment, what a great way to finish the academic year.” – Julian G

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