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What is the £150 Challenge?

We read a blog post a few weeks ago about a chap called Jordan Cox who was working in Sheffield. Jordan needed to get a train home to Essex, but when he looked at the prices it worked out to be cheaper to fly to Berlin and spend the day sight-seeing and exploring. Once finished he then flew back to Essex for less than the train home.

This got us thinking – Jordan spent £44.07 on one day’s travel - What could you do, and where could you go for £150?

So we have come up with a competition.

You have a 'maximum' of £150 to spend, and you have a weekend away. The £150 has to cover your flights, accommodation, food, transfers, visas and excursions.

How much fun can you have exploring in a weekend?

We want to see a blog and a video of your trip as your entry into the competition.

The Rules

  1. You must go abroad.
  2. Your trip starts from the port or airport (we need to make this fair, if you live in Stanstead or Dover you would have an advantage!)
  3. You have a maximum of £150pp to spend (You dont have to spend it all).
  4. The maximum number of people to take on the challenge is 2.
  5. Entries must be submitted in the form of a blog with a video.
  6. All expenses must be accounted for and evidence provided.

We are going to start the challenge off with our first trip in April. We are so excited and can’t wait to tell you where we get to and what we get up to.

We could build a real community and give people some great travelling ideas for short trips away. We can share tips on where to look for flights, what to pack? what book to take with you? and which camera did we use for our video blog.

We could have gone cheaper – the '£100 challenge' – remember if you only want to spend £100 that’s great.

However, we thought we would make it realistic. We want people to visit some cool places and do some amazing things. £150 is still cheap for a weekend away including travel. We want people to go and find the best places to eat that offer value. We want people to go on excursions and not just sit in the cheapest hostel they can find. We want people to find some amazing funky accommodation that doesn’t cost the earth.

Where would you like to go? Just go and do it and tell us the story!

What is the prize?

1st Prize - Trip for you to 'Climb Kilimanjaro' in September 2017 with us.

2nd Prize - Learn to Scuba Dive in Gozo - May 2017

3rd Prize - £250 Flight Voucher

The closing date for entries will be 30th April 2017. 

P.S You can do more than one Entry!

What are you waiting for?

Are you going to take the £150 challenge?

Are you going to go alone or with a friend?

Have you got the lonely planet guide already sat on your bookshelf?

Once you have done the challenge you just need to email Jade@rockandrapidadventures.co.uk with your entry & video and she will get it online for you.

Good luck and we cant wait and see where you are going to go and the stories you are going to tell.


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About The Author

After working for 15 years in the outdoor industry freelancing for different expedition and outdoor companies, Keith set up Rock and Rapid Adventures to provide the high level of customer service that he felt was missing from a large number of outdoor providers. Every element of the company reflects his passion for the outdoors and his desire to provide the highest possible level of customer service.

Whenever possible Keith is out in Spain on the climbing crags of the Costa Blanca. Keith is a qualified Climbing and Kayaking Instructor and hopefully soon to be a diving instructor.

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